May 24, 2024
Lavender tights

Things to Consider Before Making Your First Buy of Lavender Tights

If you’ve ever found lavender tights yourself in a clothing store, feeling overwhelmed by clothes, sizes, colors, and styles – and then start to panic before making your first purchase of purple or lavender tights – you’re not alone.

Here are some things to consider before shopping for your first piece of clothing lavender tights:

1. Does your budget allow for entry into the world of fashion? If not, reduce this cost by buying less expensive items that coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. By only purchasing a few pieces at a time, you’ll see that there’s plenty to fit into one closet or drawer. Consider if you need lavender tights, or else you can do without them. 

2. Decide what kind they will wear most frequently. Will they be worn to class? Work? Evening events with friends? They will have to be comfortable enough to wear many times over. It is better to buy items that you wouldn’t normally wear if that allows for versatility and versatility allows for having more options.

3. Decide what color you’re going for. If it’s lavender, consider and look into that if you need a lavender tight dress, lavender opaque tights, lavender prom dresses tight, or lavender fishnet tights. This can help narrow down your choices later. A basic rule of thumb is if the item costs under $50, you don’t have to match it exactly – just match it in color. 

4. Let them try things on. Not all items are created equal so at the very least, try it on and see what the style looks like. You can make sure they’re the right size and that they are comfortable enough to wear. Let your teen make last-minute decisions before you purchase an item just because it’s $5 cheaper.

5. Consider buying an item that is made of quality fabrics and materials, even if it is for a special occasion such as prom. They will last longer and feel better on their skin than something that is made from cheap fabric or embellished with rhinestones or other shiny objects that could fall off after just a few wears.

6. Take your time, when buying lavender tights. Don’t rush into the dressing room with a big pile of items in hand before you can check out the price tags and make sure you have enough room in your budget for them. Most stores will let you bring an item to the register and enter the price yourself – and then bring it back if you cannot afford it, as long as it is done within a reasonable amount of time. 

FAQs On Purple Tights That Most Women Ask

1) Are purple or lavender tights a good idea?

This is a great question. They’re actually a very good idea not just for teens but for women of all ages. But first, let’s look at the things some people say about purple tights that are wrong:

  • They are not flattering on the legs. This is because they are sheer fabrics; you have to wear them with other colors to get an effect that you like. And the fabulous thing about purple is that it always looks good on anyone, even women who might think it looks horrible on them.
  • They don’t hide your thighs. No, they don’t. They are made to be sheer, so if you’re self-conscious about your thighs, don’t wear them.
  • They are too expensive for my budget and I can’t afford them. These tights don’t have to be very expensive at all – unless you want high-end brands and designer name ones; then of course they’ll cost a lot more than the mass products that are sold at the local department stores or online. But there’s no reason why you should spend over $20 on one pair of tights if you are shopping at a department store or any retailer that doesn’t have its own line of clothing or accessories.
  • The colors do not match the outfit. If your outfit is purple, these tights are going to stand out more than if your outfit has other colors in it. So check out the colors of the clothes so they all match up well before you buy a pair of things. 

2) How do I know if they’re the right color? Is it possible to make my own tights?

You can easily make your own purple or lavender tights if you have a sewing machine and know how to use it. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can buy ready-made tights at a fabric store (which is what I always used to do). You can also go to your local Jo-Ann’s or Hancock Fabrics and check out their selection of ready-made tights.

The color purple is not a single shade of purple, it’s an entire color spectrum of purples that range from the more vibrant pinks and reds to the grays and blues. So you have to pick the right shade of purple that you think will look good on your skin tone. Some stores sell purple tights in different shades, so it’s a good idea to check out the color chart. And if you’re looking at purple tights online or in a department store and they don’t have them, try calling the retailer or making an online inquiry.

3) How do I know if they are too tight?

You should never wear tights that are too tight – because then they will pull your muscles and tendons into uncomfortable positions and make it hurt when you bend down or walk.


Purple or lavender tights are an excellent choice for any woman looking for a flattering, decorative, and comfortable panty option. They aren’t just for teens and can be worn at any age. So think about buying some before your next shopping trip – you’ll be glad you did!

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