May 18, 2024

3 lighting tips for a brighter interior

Humans need to have ample contact with natural light for their physical and mental well-being. But for various reasons, it is practically impossible for us to spend a lot of time outdoors. And then it all comes down to your home and how well it is lit up. Maintaining your circadian rhythm should always be a priority, and bright illumination at home can definitely help you. Since you spend a lot of time indoors, you need optimum illumination to regulate your circadian rhythm or your biological clock. 

We bring to you a number of lighting tips that can beautifully turn your interiors bright and transform your home into a gorgeous space. Now take a look at everything that we have for you. 

  1. Make use of dimmers in the space: 

If you end up purchasing lighting designs without dimmers then you’ll no option but to switch off the fixtures when you need a more warm and intimate setting. Dimmable lighting or lighting designs that come with a dimmer are perfect choices for your space since you can turn your decor beautifully bright and you can also reduce the brightness whenever you like it. Dimmable chandeliers or pendant lights are a good choice to lay the foundation for your decor.

  1. Pick the primary lighting design first:

The primary lighting of your space sets the tone of your space and you’ll also understand how much brighter you need your space to be. Using a big lighting design for your space will not just ensure a bright and well-lit space but also make a beautiful statement for your living space. We recommend going with a chandelier or a ceiling light as none of the other lighting fixtures can quite replicate a similar effect. Gold modern chandelier lights are in the spotlight and this is one of trends that has taken the design space by storm. Gold chandeliers can be the perfect choice for your space as their reflective surface will ensure a brighter illumination. But any kind of modern chandelier lights will be fine for your space. 

  1. Use recessed lighting if necessary: 

It is highly likely that there might be a space constraint in your space if you choose bigger lighting designs, especially if you reside in an urban setting. Recessed lighting fixtures like ceiling lights, downlights, LED panels, or LED modules, will be absolutely perfect for such a space and they’ll produce just the right kind of illumination that you need. And it’s not necessary that recessed lighting might only be used if there’s a space constraint. You can beautifully pair these with other lighting designs and create a gorgeous visually appealing space.

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