June 17, 2024
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10 Advantages of Wearing Belt Bag

Belt Bag fashion cycles occur. When observing the street style scene, one might wonder, “What year is it?,” In particular, Mulan will be released in a few weeks now that the Lion King remake has already been released. For crying out loud, Tom & Jerry are getting a new series. In terms of fashion, the bumbag, waist pack, hip bag, or whatever you want to call it, has been making a comeback since 2017. I’ve had fanny packs for a long time.

I can recall times when I loved it, and then there were times when it lost its appeal and only moms in mom jeans or middle-aged trucker men would wear them.

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Where did we come from?

Fannies were once primarily used by travelers to store their cash, passports, and city maps. But then 2017 arrived, and fanny packs started to appear everywhere. They were sold everywhere, it seemed. Giving it the high-fashion nerd treatment, it goes from being cheap and wonky to being luxurious and logo-covered spectacular. They come back, but they don’t come back the same, as Steven King said in Pet Sematary, which is also true of fanny packs. 

Street style trendsetters have decided that it would be more fashionable to wear them as crossbody designer belt bags, so we are no longer required to carry them around our waists. Here are 6 reasons why a custom fanny pack is the best bag available, despite the fact that it is a piece of clothing that is so versatile and useful.

1.Survival Kit for Music Festivals Holde

The music festivals have all started, and summer is here. Due to their nerdy appearance, fanny packs have been severely underappreciated for years, but they are now receiving the respect and admiration they rightfully deserve. Particularly if you can exercise total artistic freedom and match your brand-new fanny pack to your attire! The best option for entrepreneurs is to buy wholesale fanny packs! Before the festival season starts, create and market personalized print-on-demand fanny packs. Consider the rainbows, emoji, and graphics from the 1980s and 1990s. We have you covered no matter what. 

Belt bag are also excellent for protecting festival-goers’ valuables. No matter what type of music festival it is, attendees must exercise caution and maintain vigilance, so it is very beneficial to have all of your personal belongings safely fastened to your waist. No one will view you as an easy target for good old-fashioned thieving, and you won’t have to leave your backpack lying around for people to spill drinks on.

2. Trends in Summer 2021 Print

If you’re thinking about buying fanny packs wholesale but aren’t sure which designs to choose, look at these. There was a lot of color on the spring/summer 2021 runways, from rainbows to polka dots. Right now, psychedelic patterns and floral motifs are huge. As is tie-dye. All of the tie-dye prints appeared a little out of place in the fall, but black belt bags are a perfect fit for the summer print trends. 

Geometry. You can’t go wrong with geometric prints this summer, from check patterns to mind-boggling architectural shapes that give the designs a decidedly futuristic feel. 

3. A belt bag is the focal point of any ensemble

Let’s be real here. It’s challenging to persuade people that something practical is as desirable as something that complements their aesthetic. You probably actively work to project a certain style or image, regardless of your gender. Perhaps you favor a fitness aesthetic, or perhaps you adore the current style featuring pop culture phrases and symbols. But there are a lot more choices that genuinely match your preferences and standards now the belt bags are becoming more and more popular. Make unique fanny packs with eye-catching graphics that make a statement about your sense of style. Print on your face so nobody would ever steal it. Wear it like a crossover belt  bag women to look like a true fashionista and one of those hip people.

4. Ideal Travel Companion? You Guessed It — balt bag!

The ideal accessory for people on the go is a belt bag. Why? because on a plane, a fanny pack is not considered hand luggage! Fanny packs are acceptable to the TSA and do not count as a carry-on item. Another benefit over other everywhere belt bags is that it is roomy while remaining completely hands-free. It does not fall off your shoulder or require you to hold it in your hands. You have easy access to your travel essentials while they are safely fastened to your body. You also received a free additional piece of hand luggage! With plenty of room to spare, a fanny pack is the ideal size to fit your phone, a passport, a boarding pass, and a pen for filling out customs forms. Therefore, pack your carry-on with your larger belongings and wear your fanny pack on the flight with your essentials.

5. Belt bag Is Much Cosier Than You Think

A belt bag is a much better option unless you’re used to wearing cargo pants with all the pockets stuffed with your phone, wallet, keys, gum, and a spare t-shirt (yeah, I’ve seen it) and find it comfortable. The same is true for women who lug around enormous bags filled with everything imaginable but who are unable to locate their keys or phones even after searching for hours. Darling. You are aware that none of that is necessary. Pick a  belt bag women where you can actually find what you’re looking for as a courtesy to yourself. A fanny pack is a perfect hands-free device that enables you to take selfies without worrying about your bag dangling awkwardly, so once more, strut those streets wearing one. As an added benefit, its central placement on your body reduces the stress that carrying a purse or messenger bag can have on your back or shoulders. 

6. Keep in Mind the Children

Kids always seem to have a lot on their hands, but we parents somehow end up carrying all of it. So why not create a line of wholesale fanny.

7. The Animal Instinct

You can make a belt bag for yourself for any occasion, including dog walks, with our reasonably priced blank ones! Whatever your heart desires for a place to keep dog snacks and poop bags in, personalize your waist bag with your dog’s photos or make a custom cute dog-related print! 


There are many benefits to wearing a belt bag. Your hands are freed up, allowing you to carry or carry out more tasks. Additionally, since pickpockets are less likely to target a bag worn in front of the body, it is safer than carrying items in your pockets. Additionally, it can be a fashionable accessory and useful when traveling or attending a crowded event.

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