April 17, 2024
Wiz Mid

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Mid Brown 0.003 oz

What it is

  • With the ultra-slim Wiz Mid , a precise mechanical pencil with a retractable tip that glides easily to mimic fine hair, you can draw a perfect arch that matches your natural bone structure.

What it does

  • The special wax formula uses the ideal ratio of eyebrow color and wax to produce a high color payoff, add natural-looking texture, and give the impression that the brows are fuller. In sparse areas of the brow, the ultra-fine tip imitates hair-like strokes while the spoolie end blends for a natural-looking finish.

At Amazon’s Cyber Weekend sale, purchase a highly regarded Anastasia Beverly Hills brow tool at a discounted price. Wiz Mid is an ultra-slim, retractable eyebrow pencil for outlining and detailing brows. During Amazon’s Cyber Weekend sales, the 4.7-star beauty tool is only $18.

This item was referred to as the “natural brows MVP” by an Amazon customer. They wrote, “Perfect natural brows with ease!” Lasts all day, even during workouts, and is very cost-effective.

There are 12 colors available for this brow tool.

You probably over-tweezed and over-plucked your brows if you grew up in the middle of the 1990s to the beginning of the 2000s. Of course I did. However, I’m among the fortunate people whose brow hair partially returned, albeit not entirely.

There are fortunately many products on the market to help fill-in and give the appearance of a bold brow, whether you have naturally thinner brows or are trying to undo your beauty mistakes from the early 2000s. These products range from pencils to powders to micro-blading. What if, however, you want to improve and accentuate your natural hairs?

I’ve used the Brow Powder Duo for years and have always been a huge fan of Anastasia Beverly Hills. I was eager to test out the new Brow Genius serum when the company sent it to me before the product launch. Would this new drop revitalize my brows and aid in their transformation into the fuller, more natural brows of my dreams?

We could ramble on about brows for days. Never forget that brows are sisters, not twins, as they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. They really do frame the face, whether we like it or not. You might want to think about including a brow pencil in your makeup kit if your brows are sparse or simply need a little filling in, but where do you begin? 

Tommy Napoli, a makeup artist in New York City, says that while a good eyebrow pencil depends on your particular requirements, he always suggests a wax-based pencil with a spoolie on the other end. For enhancing the appearance of brow hairs, he claims that pencils can be more effective than shadow or pomade. Spoolies are excellent for brushing up hair and blending out product, says Napoli. 

We consulted Los Angeles-based makeup artist Robin Back for advice on choosing a specific brow pencil. According to Back, “If you have sparse brows and prefer a natural look, a brow pencil with a thin or pointed skinny tip will help you create hair strokes to fill in gaps.” In contrast, Black continues, “A wide slanted tip is your best brow friend if you have thick brows and want to fill in a few gaps or emphasize their ’80s look.”

When Anastasia Beverly Hills first entered the beauty industry, Wiz Mid  was the most well-known item. It comes with a spoolie on one end and an ultra-fine retractable tip on the other. This pencil also comes in 12 shades, but Napoli, a fan of it, claims that the shade Medium Ash should be in every makeup artist’s toolbox because it is a great neutral-toned medium-brown that flatters a wide range of skin tones.

Reviews for Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Wiz Mid , I love this product. Ashy blondes look stunning in soft brown. Your brows will be perfectly defined by the chisel tip. This is probably the fifth brow wiz I’ve purchased, and it won’t be the last.

The best eyebrow pencil I’ve ever used is this one. It goes on very easily, looks very natural, matches my real brows, doesn’t budge, etc. I couldn’t really ask for much more in an eyebrow pencil. Compared to the L’Oréal equivalent I used to purchase, this also takes a while to run out.

You can use this by itself to groom your brows at home. Anyone can use it at home because it is so simple to use. You can achieve this look without knowing how to do makeup. Because of this, I encourage everyone to use it. Getting the desired look is easy and takes less time. 

Awesome beginners or intermediate

I have used this a couple of times now and was surprised at how easy it was for someone who doesn’t or hasn’t done brows regularly, and they look fantastic. I continue to try to perfect it each day. I love it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencils are really good especially the Wiz Mid . It makes my eyebrows look so good I like that it gives hair like strokes. This pencil is idea for places where your arches may be bare or over-tweezed, and the smudge-proof formula stays put day for fresh, natural-looking brows.




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