May 24, 2024

South Indian Restaurants in Ahmedabad You Must Know About

South Indian cuisine is something that is loved by people all over India, be it in the west-east or in the extreme north of the country, and it is not surprising to find a South Indian restaurant everywhere you go in India. Here, we will be discussing the best South Indian restaurants in Ahmedabad. If you are staying in Ahmedabad and craving something other than Gujarati food, you can easily head to any of these restaurants discussed below to satisfy your hunger by treating yourself to some mouth-watering South Indian dishes.

Benefits Of South Indian Food

The food of South India is extremely delicious and also good for health as they do not generally contain rich spices and any types of ingredients that might be impactful for your health. Starting from dosa to idli, everything you eat as a South Indian meal is extremely healthy, so you can eat them for breakfast, dinner or even in lunch. 

Let us now talk about some popular South Indian restaurants present in Ahmedabad. 

Popular South Indian Restaurants In Ahmedabad

Banana Leaf

Banana Leaf is one of the most popular South Indian restaurants in Ahmedabad. The speciality about this place is that their foods are extremely affordable and have a large variety to choose from so that you can get a taste of different types of South Indian dishes that are somewhat mixed with contemporary touches. For example, one of the most popular South Indian dishes which is dosa is available in this restaurant and has a substantial number of varieties to choose from. This assures that people can also taste differently made dosa’s and satisfy their desire of eating something different. Their uniqueness in creating fusion South Indian dishes is something that makes Banana Leaf one of the best South Indian restaurants in Ahmedabad.

Tamil Passanga Cafe

Spending an entire day doing touristy activities is extremely tiresome and might make you want to take some rest after a certain point of time. So if you are feeling hungry and do not want to eat anything that is too spicy and might be uncomfortable for the rest of the activities you have left for the day, then this South Indian Cafe is a must-visit for you. Or you can even choose to order food online from this place. The simply cooked South Indian dishes and especially their Idli and masala dosa, are to die for and will help you to eliminate your hunger and also not make you feel uncomfortable to carry on with the rest of your day. The affordability of this cafe is another plus point to urge you to come to this cafe and take a rest by satisfying your hunger with some delicious South Indian meals at the best South Indian restaurants in Ahmedabad.

Urban Dosa House

The name says it all. It is also another extremely popular South Indian place that is situated in Ahmedabad, and it is extremely well-known for making some of the best meals in the southern states of the country. Their speciality is making different types of dosa, so if you are a fan of this particular meal, then this place is a must-visit for you. To top it off, it is also extremely affordable, and the staff are extremely polite, so if you are thinking of taking your family along to enjoy a hearty South Indian meal, then you must visit these types of South Indian restaurants in Ahmedabad.

Madras Cafe

As the name suggests, the Madras Cafe is also home to some of the most popular South Indian dishes you can find in Gujarat and especially in Ahmedabad. Like all the other restaurants that we have talked about till now, it is also extremely affordable and will help you to ensure that your cravings for South Indian meals are satisfied, and you do not also have to physically visit the cafe as Swiggy is there to help you in delivering your desired meals and assure that you are eating them from the comfort of your home. We must mention that Ahmedabad has several top-quality South Indian restaurants in Ahmedabad however, the quality and variety of Madras Cafe is something that is hard to beat, so we recommend that you visit this place once if you are visiting Ahmedabad or a permanent resident of this city.

Why place your order via Swiggy?

All the restaurants we talked about above are available on Swiggy, which gives you the advantage of ordering your favourite South Indian dishes to your home and eating it comfortably with your friends and family. This food delivery platform delivers from all the best South Indian restaurants in Ahmedabad. The team takes care to maintain the quality of your food so that it is not compromised, for which they make sure to pack your food extremely efficiently to avoid any type of spillage. Swiggy has multiple payment options that you can choose from.  So if you are in Ahmedabad and looking to indulge in some South Indian meals, then do check these restaurants, and enjoy your meals wholeheartedly.


So there you go! We have mentioned some of the best South Indian restaurants in Ahmedabad to help you in finding them relatively faster if you are in Ahmedabad and looking for something to eat from the southern states of India. 

With the presence of a plethora of South Indian restaurants on Swiggy, it has become relatively easier for customers to not any such restaurant and simply bring food home and eat with family while enjoying a good movie or some quality time. The best part about South Indian foods and the South Indian restaurants in Ahmedabad is that they are all very affordable, so they will not create a hole in your pocket, and with minimum spending, you can enjoy a full meal that will satisfy your craving as well as your hunger. 

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