May 24, 2024

How Do I Hide My Belly While Wearing a Jumpsuit?

Fashion serves as a driving force for ladies and ignites a passion for self-expression. But for plus-size women, the fashion comes out differently. Does this mean that their love for fashion diminishes for them? Absolutely not! The desire to stay in step with the latest trends remains as strong as ever. However, at times, the journey may seem challenging, leading to thoughts of dieting and a lot of gym sessions. Also, it could be due to the limited availability of trending and fashionable clothing in the market or a hesitancy to embrace the latest styles, all because of the label ‘PLUS SIZE WOMAN.’ If this relates to you and you find yourself holding back from adorning the finest attire, it’s time for a change. Fashion is all-encompassing, with room for every body type and shape. As a plus-size woman, you, too, deserve to slay in fashion and style that suits you perfectly. It’s time to embrace your unique beauty and step confidently into the world of fashion, where there are no boundaries or limitations. So, if you have a belly and rounder body shape, then here we are going to tell you how to rock in the most trending style of dress these days- The jumpsuit.  

 Yes, jumpsuits for women are an elegant option to wear for plus-size women when they don’t feel like wearing a dress, but still, they want to look stylish and modern. Further, these dressy ones have become popular at weddings and other formal events, too!  

How to Dress A Jumpsuit for Women While Having A Plus Size  

  • Dark Colors for A Chic Jumpsuit

It’s a simple and undeniable fact that dark colors have a slimming effect and give a slim figure as compared to light or bright colors, not to mention prints. However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to limit yourself to solid black when choosing a jumpsuit. While a black jumpsuit for women is undeniably chic, consider exploring other dark colors like navy, burgundy, or deep purple if black doesn’t quite complement your skin tone. These rich colors add vibrancy and can provide a lovely boost to your plus size, ensuring you look and feel your best. 

  • Opt for Flowy & Stretchy Jumpsuits for Plus-size Women 

If you have a curvy figure, it’s best to avoid tailored jumpsuits crafted from heavy or stiff materials, as they can create a bulky appearance. Instead, embrace the comfort and style of soft, stretchy jumpsuits for women that gracefully complement your curvaceous figure. Jumpsuits with flowing, draping silhouettes are exceptionally flattering.  

  • Add a definition to Your Waist 

While choosing a loose and flowing jumpsuit, it’s crucial to add some definition to your waistline. Otherwise, you might feel like you’re draped in a shapeless, oversized bag. The most flattering jumpsuits for women are styles that cinch at the waist or include a belt, particularly if it rests just above your waistline rather than directly on it.  

  • Choose A Shapewear 

Certain jumpsuits for women may have a clingy fit, which can pose a challenge, especially if you carry weight around your belly. To tackle this, consider high-waist shapewear panties, which work wonders in smoothing and flattening your midsection, providing a more streamlined appearance. Additionally, jumpsuits with ruching can create visual illusions that make the belly appear less prominent, allowing you to embrace your jumpsuit style with confidence and ease. 

  • Consider the Bottom Style of Jumpsuits 

For a pear-shaped bottom or heavy thighs women, it’s best to avoid skinny-leg jumpsuits. Instead, opt for jumpsuits with a soft, straight leg or a flowing wide leg. These styles can help create the illusion of a more balanced, hourglass shape. And here’s a style secret: complete your look with a pair of strappy heels or chic booties. These footwear choices not only add a touch of glamor but also elongate your silhouette, which makes you appear taller and more slender. 

  • Select the Flattering Neckline of Jumpsuits 

Choosing the perfect neckline for jumpsuits for women can be a game-changer while shopping for it. Here’s a guide to help you make the right choice: If you have wider hips, consider a boat neckline or an off-the-shoulder style to create visual balance. For those concerned about their neck area, a draped cowl neck offers softness and flattery. To add height and elongate your neck, opt for a V-neck jumpsuit or one with a deep scoop neckline. If you’re blessed with a larger bust, go for a V-neck or a wide scoop neckline to open up your chest and create a more balanced, less top-heavy appearance. The right neckline can not only enhance the fit of your jumpsuit but also accentuate your natural features. 

 Style Tips for Plus-Size Women When Wearing Jumpsuits in Washroom

Wearing a jumpsuit for women is undeniably practical until nature calls and that familiar problem arises to remove your outfit for a bathroom break. Now that your wardrobe boasts trendy jumpsuits, you might be wondering, “How do you pee in jumpsuits?” Whether you’re gearing up for a night out with your friends or preparing for a day-long conference, choosing the right jumpsuit is crucial while considering the equation of time spent out in bathroom visits. However, there are some handy tips that can streamline the process and make those bathroom breaks a bit less of a hassle. 

  • Consider thin belts for easy removal, or opt for styles with elasticized waists. 
  • Look for jumpsuits for women with elasticized waists for comfort and convenience, especially during long outings. 
  • Choose styles with low or side zippers for ease of use when you need to visit the restroom. Avoid full-length zippers in the back to prevent any challenges. 
  • Avoid long sleeves or ties that can be challenging to manage in the restroom. Opt for strapless or off-shoulder designs for simplicity. For the winter season, you can layer with jackets for a cozy and warm feeling.  


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