May 18, 2024
gold sandals for women

Different Ways to Pair Gold Sandals for Women

The right sandal can be a statement adornment that changes the way you carry yourself. Gold sandals for women are no exception to this. Whether you want to make a dramatic statement or just feel fancy, the pairs of gold sandals are perfect for your feet and your style. 

Since the summer is just around the corner, many women will be wearing their favorite pair of gold sandals, be it low heel gold sandals for women, platform gold sandals for women, or gold flat sandals for women to stand out from the crowd and have an outfit that is on point. The easiest way to start pairing your shoes is by thinking about what color pants/ skirt you’re going with and then selecting complementary shades for your shoes. If you know anything about fashion, this should be an old hat for all of us by now.

Now Let Us Look At Different Ways In Which You Can Pair Gold Sandals

1) With all black:

To start with we will talk about keeping gold sandals for women simple for when you want to feel a little formal, but still want to feel feminine. If you’re wearing solid pants or a skirt then we recommend wearing black pants, if you are wearing pants or shorts that are patterned then we recommend having a solid-colored top. Next, add in your gold sandals and maybe take some of the patterns off your top by adding in some jewelry or accessories. You could even wear a gold necklace with some ruby red earrings because again, gold is the main show with this pair of shoes, and that could either be rose gold sandals for women, or platform gold sandals for women.

2) With a solid-colored top:

Now, this look will pair well with solid-colored denim and shorts. If you are wearing a white or light-colored top, you can wear  Gold sandals for women for a little “pop of color.” Going back to the pairing, we recommend that you wear accessories that match your accessories and allow your shoes to shine! Wear gold jewelry and wear your gold sandals with jeans or shorts to make them timeless!

3) With prints:

We recommend wearing a printed top, to create a beautiful look with gold sandals for women. Wear your gold sandals and then add in some accessories that match the print of your top. Wear gold jewelry to complete the look, and go out and make a bold statement!

4) With patterns:

Now, this look is for anyone who likes to feel slightly more casual but still has that hint of accessories. Wear a solid-colored shirt with some denim shorts, or if you’re more laid back you can wear a white t-shirt without pants (see summer trends). Add your gold sandals for women to show off their beauty and pair it up with some bright jewelry. 

5) With a solid-colored shirt:

This look is our favorite look out of all the combinations that we presented! Whether you’re wearing a solid-colored shirt or a patterned top, you can wear gold sandals for women with anything! Wear a solid-colored skirt, and pair it with some jeans or even shorts. This look will work with anything but we would suggest color coordinating your jewelry to place emphasis on the shoes. Gold sandals are beautiful and can be worn in any amount of ways; the most important thing about fashion is your accessories so play around and have fun with it! 

6) With a patterned shirt:

If you’re on a date or want to dress up a little bit, then you can pair your sandals with a patterned shirt. Also, if you are wearing solid colored shorts or pants you can still wear your gold sandals! Make sure that when you pair your sandals with any other shirt, it is something that will compliment both of your personal styles. Also, make sure that whatever shoes you wear have some sort of uniqueness to them. You will look amazing! 

7) With dresses:

Everyone likes wearing dresses right? Well, there is nothing wrong with wearing them in sandals as well. Make sure that when you are pairing your dress with your sandals, the dress can stand on its own. If you are wearing a white or light-colored top then you can pair it with simple black pants and gold sandals for women. If you have a patterned top wear your gold sandals with some bright colors to make it pop.

8) With pants:

This look is one of the easiest ways to dress yourself up if you aren’t feeling bold enough to wear a dress or shorts. We recommend pairing a solid colored top with any type of pants and then wearing your gold sandals! You may also want to add some jewelry that coordinates with the shoes. The main thing with this pair of gold sandals is just to have fun with them!

Conclusion – 

As you can see, there are many ways that you can pair gold sandals for women! We hope that in the future when you buy gold sandals you remember this article and thereby get more use out of your shoes. Don’t feel like the shoes have to be an accessory to your outfit; make them the star of your outfit by pairing them with any color, print, pattern, or shape in all of the looks we presented to you! Enjoy and remember these combinations for a larger wardrobe! And don’t forget to always think about what color pants/ skirt you’re going with when purchasing gold sandals. If done properly, your look will be “embarrassingly amazing.


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