May 24, 2024

New Online Games That Use Mind-Blowing Technologies

Online games have served as a real source of diversion for the players which have evolved remarkably during past years. The gaming companies like slotxo have searched for any means to achieve their customers’ objectives by creating various desired games with reliability and ease. We are in an era when technology is a very important aspect of humanity and life without it is unimaginable. It is also the same case of video games that have become a society of constant as they are bundled with the technologies. There are several reasons why gaming is attractive but the fact that the games can be hosted online makes it more exciting. How these new innovations revolutionized the online gaming industry? Here are some online games using new technologies that will daze you and will certainly change the online gaming world.

Virtual Reality Technology

VR or Virtual Reality has shown a significant impact in the world of gaming since its creation. This newness has absolutely improved the gaming experience. By wearing a VR headset, the gamers will have the sensation that they become part of the gaming world. Various types of VR headsets are available including Oculus Rift, HTC’s VR system, Google Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR. Some of them need to be plugged on a PC whereas others are autonomous and can also be connected in the mobile devices. PG Slot offers thrills through betting at online slots, though not VR (yet) it provides a thrill similar to VR games like joker123

One of the smoothest experiences for VR is Batman: Arkham VR that was developed by Rocksteady Studios and published by Warner Bros. This game lets the players discover the Batman world through virtual reality. This game is more appealing as it can offer the chance to be a hero who is able to investigate, fight, and build effective strategies.

Another popular game is the CCP game EVE: Valkyrie- Warzone. The game has two options; a single player and multiplayer modes. This multiplayer mode is about gamer versus gamer which includes many options such as Control, Extraction, Team Deathmatch, Wormhole, and Carrier Assault. As its title suggests, EVE: Valkyrie allows the player to control a spaceship with impressive visuals. The game can support HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR.

Augmented Reality Gaming Technology

AR gaming or Augmented Reality will impact the gaming world as it can create a sensation like in the real world. The view for the gamer is a fusion of the real environment and virtual images created by the computer. This technology is different compared to Virtual Reality as the former does not require wearing a headset or playing in a special room. The AR games can be played on devices anywhere and anytime provided the gamer has a strong internet connection. Some of the games add intense sound and even smell which bring, obviously, an enjoyment for the aficionados.

Pokemon Go has sustained success in an AR game and has proved the revolution of the gaming field. Developed by Niantic, it is considered to be a breathtaking game and guarantees an ultimate gaming experience. The gamers who use Smartphones have to activate the camera, GPS, and gyroscope in order to enhance a real environment. A map displays on the screen and when you hear a rustle of grass, a Pokémon is on your surroundings so, you have to tap on the touchscreen to capture this Pokémon.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has shown an amazing increase since the growth of the internet. With the apparition of the app stores and Smartphone in 2007, playing games through mobile devices has become a society’s culture. The competition between the developers has increased and they launch innovations that have raised the gaming market. Undoubtedly, mobile games allow players to have fun anytime and anywhere.

Today, various games are available on your mobile and one of the widely-known is Clash of Clans developed by Supercell. This game has the goal to build a kingdom by attacking the opponents. It is accessible for all categories of players emerging them to the real ambience of gaming. Although it seems easy, the gamer must be quick and effective when it comes to defending against these online opponents.

Moreover, mobile technology has also influenced the gambling sector and today, more than half gamblers have served their Smartphone as a virtual casino. Similar to the gaming industry, it is now easier to gamble than ever before in which the gamblers have a wide selection of mobile casinos. In recommended online casinos Thailand players can take advantage of various thrilling and high-quality games as well as satisfied services. These games are accessible directly to the casino platforms but the customers can also download apps for specific casino games.

Touch-Controlled Gaming Technology

The invention of this technology was in 1979 by the Japanese team. Today, it still is considered to be a modernization and has continued to progress with new technologies. The worldwide leading gaming industry has launched several smart portable games consoles that can be also installed next to a TV permitting the fans to play games at home. With this innovation, the gamers are capable of controlling their games by just tapping in many levels of menus.

Among the widely known games that have impressed the worldwide customers is Horn developed by Phosphor Games Studio and published by Zynga. This game is one of the first wonderful mobile games and has been marketed on the Apple and Android app stores. Horn is about a thrilling adventure emerging keen to exploit the world full of suspense. This work of art can be played on iOS, Android, and any other portable devices.

Final Words

Gaming is always adopting new technology and has opened a lot of opportunities for the developers to create more and more blowing-mind games. They are now able to release even unimaginable games thanks to these various kinds of modernisms. These new inventions have brought a level of experience of the enthusiasts who become closer to their favorite games. It is an integral part of our custom and will completely change the history and the future of the online gaming industry.


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