July 22, 2024

How to Design Click-Worthy Thumbnails for YouTube Videos?

YouTube packs a plethora of videos; you will see thousands of videos getting uploaded daily on this streaming platform. Many people resort to YouTube daily to get information related to various niches and topics. You will see videos related to sports, politics, history, current affairs, showbiz, product reviews, skill development, and even podcasts getting uploaded on YouTube.

With so many videos uploaded on YouTube, it becomes difficult for content creators to grab users’ attention and make them watch their content. However, an effective way to grab viewers’ attention and make them watch their videos is to design click-worthy thumbnails capable of compelling the audience. Unfortunately, many content creators fail to do it.

This phenomenon occurs because of the unawareness regarding the essential elements that make a YouTube thumbnail click-worthy.

Moreover, it also happens because of the wrong choices when selecting the tool that can help them design a thumbnail. A thumbnail is as worthy for a YouTube video as a title for a blog post.

If the title fails to engage the audience, they don’t feel it worth clicking on the blog post and reading it, no matter how valuable information it packs for them. The same is the case with the video thumbnails. You must create a click-worthy thumbnail to earn valuable views on YouTube.

This article fills a few effective tips to help you design compelling thumbnails for YouTube content.

Further details are given below:

Choose the Right Tool

The first thing you need to do while designing a thumbnail for YouTube videos is to ensure the selection of the right thumbnail maker for this purpose. Overlooking the importance of tool selection may lead to creating a subpar thumbnail, which may fail to grab the target audience’s attention.

Hence, you must choose the right channel art maker to design a thumbnail for Youtube videos. There is no need to get into the hassle of selecting costly or overly complicated graphic design tools that require considerable experience and expertise.

The modern-day world has seen various advancements in the design domain. Nowadays, you can easily design click-worthy thumbnails and channel art using smartphone apps. A highly efficient thumbnail maker smartphone app offering numerous thumbnail templates at your disposal means you can easily design thumbnails on the go.

The ease of use and comfort offered by such a thumbnail creator means you can easily design catchy thumbnails without significant graphic design expertise.

Stay Away from Excessive Use of Text

It is often observed that most content creators load their YouTube video thumbnails with excess text. While a thumbnail featuring meaningful text grabs the target audience’s attention, excessive use of text on a thumbnail can also annoy viewers.

Hence, you must be careful when adding text to your video thumbnail. Simply add the title of the video as text to the thumbnail and a concise and meaningful explanation below it to make the audience understand the purpose of the video.

Anything else in addition to the aforementioned text elements is not necessary. If you add all the details to the video thumbnail, why is there a need to click on it and watch it? Moreover, make sure that the text you add to the thumbnail of your video makes it click-worthy, not clickbait.

You may succeed in earning plenty of views because of the aforementioned approach, but in the longer term, this practice will prove costly as you will end up losing the trust of the target audience.

Be Careful with Size, Resolution, and Format

This tip may sound obvious, but we still emphasize it to ensure you create a click-worthy YouTube video thumbnail. Make sure to use the standard size for the thumbnail that works perfectly with all types and sizes of display.

Remember that most people watch YouTube videos on their smartphones. Hence, the thumbnail you design for your YouTube content should be clearly and completely visible on smaller screens like that of smartphones.

Having said that, ensuring the video thumbnail is in the highest resolution is also necessary. If the resolution of your video thumbnail is not impressive, you may see many viewers ignoring your video and moving to watch another video.

Make sure that the file size of your thumbnail is not larger than 2MB and that it comes in the right format that doesn’t get blurred. Finally, keep the aspect ratio 16:9 to make the thumbnail work perfectly on all types of displays.

Insert Custom Imagery to Reflect Emotions

Finally, we come to the last point, which is evoking emotions. If you succeed in evoking the target audience’s emotions, they will surely click to watch your video.

Hence, you should make some wise decisions for this purpose. The first one is choosing a vibrant hue. The second is the custom background that relates to the content featured in your video.

Having a human element like your own image can seriously help you make it possible. When you add a custom image featuring yourself as a background to your YouTube video, the audience will sense the emotion, and this inclusion of sentiment can help you earn views. Simply put, including vibrant hue custom imagery featuring human elements will evoke emotions and make your thumbnail click-worthy.

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