May 24, 2024

Craving South Indian? Try Out the Best South Indian Delicacies in Gurgaon

Craving for some delicious South Indian delicacy that simply melts in your mouth? Thankfully, Gurgaon has no dearth of interesting hotspots to offer you the best of South Indian dishes even in North India. 

South Indian food is an easy food for those who wish to try out something healthy, nutritious, and flavourful. As far as South Indian delicacy in Gurgaon is concerned, there is not much to worry about as the city has an abundance of the best South Indian restaurants serving exquisite dishes. 


Best South Indian Restaurants in Gurgaon to Enjoy the Ultimate Dishes

The South Indian delicacy is one of the most sought-after meals in Gurgaon, right after North Indian cuisine. It is difficult to say “No” to the crispiness and deliciousness of the ever-flavourful Dosas and spicy chutneys. Packed with the goodness of hearty spices, coconut, and different ingredients, a typical South Indian meal is a food-lover’s paradise. 

If you are into trying out something light, nutritious, and flavourful at the same time, here is a list of the best South Indian restaurants to try out in Gurgaon:

  • Sagar Ratna

There is a reason why Sagar Ratna has become a household name in the culinary industry, especially in North India. The famous restaurant chain features multiple locations across Gurgaon,. All the outlets offer rich, flavourful South Indian dishes prepared with the highest level of authenticity. 

Every time you pay a visit to this popular hotspot to enjoy a full platter of South Indian meals, you will be totally satisfied with your overall experience. Both for your wallet and the palate, the combination meals here are satisfying and enticing at the same time. While you will find almost everything on their menu delicious, the lightweight, crispy Paper Dosa is one of their most favourite dishes. 

You can also select from their amazing range of delectable Dosas, including Mysore Masala Dosa, Podi Ghee Roast Plain Dosa, Sagar Special Paneer Dosa, Rava Onion Masala Dosa, and Paneer Butter Masala Dosa. Additionally, some other South Indian dishes to try out here are Vegetable Uttapam, mini Idlis dipped in Sambhar, Menu Vada, Rasam Vada, and so more. 

  • Karnataka Restaurant

Situated in Sector 22 in Gurgaon, Karnataka Restaurant is the ultimate go-to place for locals who wish to relish South Indian flavours. The place has even received high ratings for bespoke customer services. The menu is extensive and full of unique dishes that would make you drool over. 

Some of the highly recommended dishes here are Veg Thali, Idli, Masala Uttapam, Rawa Masala Dosa, and Filter Coffee. 

  • Zambar

The highly creative windows and brick walls all around revealing the best of famous South Indian states, including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, will transport you from North India to South India pleasurably. The grand entrance of the restaurant featuring temple bells and beautiful wooden furniture create the perfect South Indian ambience. 

Zambar in Gurgaon is a perfect hotspot to visit with your partner, friends, and family. In addition to a wide array of South Indian dishes, the restaurant also offers full-bar services. Therefore, you can look forward to enjoying a few drinks along with your dining experience. At Zambar, you can try out unique delicacies, including Seafood Thali, Prawn Platter, and Kerala Fish Fry. 

  • Chattynadu

Located close to the capital city, Chattynadu is your go-to place, especially if you are fond of South Indian and Seafood delicacies. Surrounded by greenery, the restaurant is a heavenly abode that is known to serve interesting dishes for an entirely wholesome gastronomical experience. 

Your favourite South Indian meals will be served here on Banana leaves for a completely authentic experience. With impressive ambiance throughout, Chattynadu is an ideal place for lunch dates with friends and family. Make sure that you try out the famous Chicken Chattynadu, Uttapam, and Senai Vadai on your next visit. 

  • Coastal Reef

Wish to relish the Indian accent of seafood sourced directly from the Indian coastline? The Coastal Reef is a casual dining place in Gurgaon serving all types of South Indian food, right from Andhra Pradesh to Kerala. The classic interiors and bright decor of the place are its major attraction.

The comfy ambience and seating of the restaurant makes every moment spent with friends and family worthwhile. Coastal Reef serves a food aficionado’s dream platter in the form of delicacies like Chicken Chettinadu, Chettinad Gravy, Mutton Sukka, and so more. If you are feeling overwhelmed by its extensive menu, you can always try out the popular seafood platter of the restaurant to ensure a great experience.

  • Carnatic Cafe

Located in both Delhi and Gurgaon, Carnatic Cafe is a must-visit destination for all South Indian cuisine lovers. If you are craving for some quick bites or vegetarian South Indian options, you must visit this classic cafe. The presence of wooden decor inside the premises of the restaurant impart a vintage touch to the entire ambiance.

The relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant makes it worthwhile to try out its must-have dishes, including Bombat Dosa, Obbattu, and Thatte Idli. The overall taste and fragrance of lip-smacking delicacies here will definitely make you fall in love with South Indian cuisine again.

  • Mahabelly

Looking to savour South Indian meals in Gurgaon? Mahabelly is one such place for you to order from. The presence of vintage wooden furniture and bespoke traditional interiors will leave a great impression on you. Moreover, the food here is served on banana leaves to deliver a highly authentic experience. 

The place serves as the must-visit destination for a perfect lunch date with friends and family. The combination of delectable South Indian dishes and soothing drinks make up for an enjoyable culinary experience. Some of the must-have dishes here are Mango Prawn Curry, Sweet Coconut Dosa, and Chicken Varattiyathu. 


South Indian cuisine is renowned for its perfect balance of flavours and spices to boost your taste buds. Make the most of your experience by ordering food online in Gurgaon from Swiggy. With the ease of ordering online, you can enjoy your favourite dishes right within the comfort of your home. 

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