June 17, 2024
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15 Things You Should Do Before Wearing a Black Tube Top!

You may be feeling a sense of unease about putting on that black tube top and going for it, but surely there’s nothing to worry about, right? We’re not ones to judge, but before you head out the door in your new look, why not just check out these 15 things you should do before wearing a black tube top? You’ll feel much better afterwards!

1. Choose your degree of difficulty:

Remember, if you’re wearing a black tube top and people are going to be looking at your midsection, it’s going to have to look good! Find the nearest bathroom and do some of those health-inducing tummy flutter exercises. Then drink lots of water and take some exercise precautions. The last thing you need is for to have stomach bloat happening when you’re wearing that top.

2. Debloat

Versatile or conservative? You’ll have to figure out what you’re after here. Do you want to wear that top for a special occasion and feel like a million bucks, or are you just looking for something fun to wear with your boyfriend?

3. Stiffer is preferable

While you might be tempted to go with this flowy top, don’t! It will cling to your body and you won’t get that nice svelte effect. Opt for a stiffer material that will keep it’s form.

4. Allow yourself some breathing space:

The more exposed you are, the more likely you are to be pursued by unwanted attention. The less clothing you’re wearing, the easier it is for others to ogle. Choose a top that offers some modesty – a scoop neck or high back are both good choice here.

5. A little breathing room is okay:

This is about creating a sense of personal space for yourself. But again, don’t wear something so low that you’re practically out on display! You want something that gives you some cover, as well as enough visual appeal.

6. Get your skin ready:

If you have an issue with the skin on your midsection, whether that be stretch marks or a few extra pounds, then you’ll want to take care of that before you wear your top. You don’t want any distractions while wearing it!

7. Everything else should be conservative:

While you want to draw attention to your midsection, you don’t want to be drawing attention to other parts of your body. Go for a low-cut shirt, but not too low! The key is balance.

8. Make sure it looks good on you:

Before you go out in public, try your top on. If you don’t like what you see, then don’t wear it! You want to make sure it gets you the response you want, and that means getting a good look at how it looks on your body.

9. Remain upright:

This is a little more of the self-esteem thing to consider. If you’re on the plus side of the weight spectrum, this will be more of a problem than if you’re on the heavy side, but it can still happen. Since you’re wearing such a bold top, it’s going to draw attention to your stature. So when you stand up, do so straight and tall!

10. Relax your hair:

If you’re wearing a top like this, you don’t really want your hair getting in the way. Try holding it back with a headband or pin it up at the back of your neck. If you’re feeling a little more daring, go with braids or pigtails.


No matter what you wear, you’ll never be 100% comfortable in it. But there’s really only one way to get past that issue and that’s to just go with the flow! So stop stressing about what people will think of you and just have fun with it!

12.Make it your own:

Going on a shopping spree for the perfect black tube top is fun in and of itself. You can try something ultra conservative or a little more daring. Just don’t forget to try something on before you go out the door! You want to make sure that it’s not too short!

13.Take care of yourself:

We know that if you want to wear that black tube top, you’re going to want to look your best. So take some time out to do things like exfoliate and pamper yourself. This is the perfect time for a little exercise!

14.Stick it out:

Success is possible here! It’s all about perseverance and not giving up, so relax and enjoy it – you can do it!

15. Enjoy yourself:

This is the whole point, right? You want to make a bold statement and you want people to notice you. So go ahead and do it! Make your move and don’t look back.


Now that you know the things you should do before wearing a black tube top, you can easily put your tube top look with confidence! Being confident is important because it’s how to attract others.


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